I’ve been going through some old boxes of stuff as we clear out a bedroom to move baby #1 in, and soon to be babies #2 and #3 into baby #1’s vacated room.

Turns out I kept a couple boxes of letters sent to my label from about 1994-1996. The label itself, Sunney Sindicut, existed from 1990-2004 (or thereabouts) but really the “heyday” was from 1992-1995. So these letters partially cover the heyday.

I thought it was interesting how different things were back then running an independent label. People almost always wrote something with their order, and I always included a letter with the record.

There is also some other interesting label related stuff that will go up here and there. I look at this more of a documentation of a period of time more than anything else. Hope you stop by here and there.


2 Responses to “Welcome.”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for putting out all those awesome records. I’ve been going through my record collection for my store and came across some of the stuff I bought from you at shows and had a blast listening to them all again.

    Things I pulled out last weekend:

    Giving Up The Ghost
    The Yahmos

    Thanks again.

  2. Your store looks great. I’ll make sure to stop in next time I’m in Sacto.

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