Letter from Ian/Subjugation

For quite awhile, the majority of “distro” of my records came from trades with other labels. I would take the records I got in trade (after pilfering a copy for myself) and set up a table at shows and sell them. Lots of these trades were with Europeans. Ian and Helene ran Subjugation Records, one of the better labels out of the UK.

This letter is from 1996. Not sure if that comp. ever came out. We talked to Ian about booking the Amber Inn European tour. I’m not sure how far he got, but Amber Inn managed to break up before going over there. Sorry about that, Ian.


2 Responses to “Letter from Ian/Subjugation”

  1. Scott, how very strange to see a letter I wrote 15 years ago! It certainly evokes some memories….I never did get to see Amber Inn play….. I am quite frankly appalled at the grammar and hand writing displayed in that correspondence (;

  2. Ian: Good to hear from you. Many of these are pretty funny on different levels. This one’s not bad compared to some of them. Hope all is well.

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