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Letter from Phil / Youth Power

Posted in Letters on July 23, 2010 by letterstothelabel

Met Phil on tour with the Yah Mos in 1994. He was living in Manchester, CT where the Yah Mos played a club called Studio 158. That was a strange show, with Shelter and Baby Gopal. Turns out Phil did shows in his basement, and had one booked on an off night when we were still in the area. Ended up jumping on a show there with Angel Hair there. Spent some time with Phil and his mom, then took off for shows in NY and NJ. Got along with the kids so well, we came back in about a week and jumped on another show on an off day back at Studio 158 with FYP.

Kept in touch with Phil over the years, and he came out to Sacto quite a few times and crashed at our house. He’s even been out here to Ohio a couple times since I’ve lived out here. He lives in Iowa now for some reason. He also did a label called Youth Power and put out about 4 7″s.

Here’s a bonus: The ad I sent into HeartattaCk that I put together while there at Phil’s house in CT in 1994:


Letter from Andrea / Love Boat

Posted in Letters on July 9, 2010 by letterstothelabel

Andrea Pomini was one of my more solid European distributors. Always good with payments, and unloaded a ton of stuff for me over there. Like most other labels of the time period, Europe was a good place to sell records. Unfortunately, I gave out too many records on consignment that I was never paid for. Did not have this problem with Andrea.

Sometime in the late 90s he visited the US with his girlfriend, and they stayed at our place in Sacto for a couple days. They were really excited to be in Sacto where “La Famiglia Bradford” was filmed. While the Bradford house was supposed to be in the “Fab 40s” neighborhood, I wasn’t sure exactly where, although I lived within a couple miles.

I still have all those Italian records he sent me. Great representation of the Italian scene at that time. Looks like he also was asking about the Turnkey 7″ which I had a bunch of copies of. That band was pre- Christie Front Drive and Amber Inn. Solid 7″. I had a tape with four or five other songs that has disappeared over the years.

I had lost touch with Andrea by the time I visited Italy in 2007, but recently found him again. Looks like he is doing some serious DJing over there.

Letter from Scott / Actionaries

Posted in Letters on July 2, 2010 by letterstothelabel

I met Scott while I was on tour with the Yah Mos in 1994. He was playing in a band that was a mix of his band, the Actionaries, and another band. I think they played songs from both bands, but were going under the name Actionaries. They played with Yah Mos in DC at a show in the middle of summer that was ridiculously hot. No AC, and it was hard to play a guitar because there was too much sweat on the fretboard. Played with them again a couple weeks later in their hometown of East Lansing, MI. Eric Anderson from the band ended up writing for Punk Planet on a regular basis.

Stayed in touch with Scott, and saw him the next summer on tour with Amber Inn in Lansing. He was working the midnight shift at a bagel shop, and we left for the next city with bags full of bagels.

Unless there is another dude by the same name, it looks like Scott’s now in a band called Millions, and has played in a couple others over the years as well.