Letter from Scott / Actionaries

I met Scott while I was on tour with the Yah Mos in 1994. He was playing in a band that was a mix of his band, the Actionaries, and another band. I think they played songs from both bands, but were going under the name Actionaries. They played with Yah Mos in DC at a show in the middle of summer that was ridiculously hot. No AC, and it was hard to play a guitar because there was too much sweat on the fretboard. Played with them again a couple weeks later in their hometown of East Lansing, MI. Eric Anderson from the band ended up writing for Punk Planet on a regular basis.

Stayed in touch with Scott, and saw him the next summer on tour with Amber Inn in Lansing. He was working the midnight shift at a bagel shop, and we left for the next city with bags full of bagels.

Unless there is another dude by the same name, it looks like Scott’s now in a band called Millions, and has played in a couple others over the years as well.


2 Responses to “Letter from Scott / Actionaries”

  1. Where can I find that Actionaries split with Jimmy Carter? I used to have it back when I wrote for Etch but not sure what I ever did with it and it may have been stolen at some point when my house in Michigan became party central.

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