Letter from Phil / Youth Power

Met Phil on tour with the Yah Mos in 1994. He was living in Manchester, CT where the Yah Mos played a club called Studio 158. That was a strange show, with Shelter and Baby Gopal. Turns out Phil did shows in his basement, and had one booked on an off night when we were still in the area. Ended up jumping on a show there with Angel Hair there. Spent some time with Phil and his mom, then took off for shows in NY and NJ. Got along with the kids so well, we came back in about a week and jumped on another show on an off day back at Studio 158 with FYP.

Kept in touch with Phil over the years, and he came out to Sacto quite a few times and crashed at our house. He’s even been out here to Ohio a couple times since I’ve lived out here. He lives in Iowa now for some reason. He also did a label called Youth Power and put out about 4 7″s.

Here’s a bonus: The ad I sent into HeartattaCk that I put together while there at Phil’s house in CT in 1994:


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