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Lumberjack invoice

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At some point, some larger distributors started popping up here and there that had an interest in the stuff I was releasing. I was weary because most all of them took things on consignment, and did not have the best track record in terms of payment. Not sure how I ended up using Lumberjack, although I feel like I probably knew Eric before he started the distro. They were always great with paying me.

At some point, Eric sold Lumberjack to the Doghouse dudes who subsequently ran it to the ground leaving tons of labels owed lots of money. I took a bunch of records for my own collection as payment and didn’t have any stock there when they went under. Eric went on to start Furnace Manufacturing, a middleman for CD production.

Even more interesting than record of a payment from Lumberjaclk is how low my distro rates were. Dirt cheap.



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I released these records/CDs:

(1) Elegy – s/t 7″ (100 clear blue / 1300 black) 1990

(2) Platypus Scourge – s/t 7″ (100 clear purple / 800 black) 1991

(3) The Yah Mos – “Right On” 7″ (100 clear blue / 2400 black) 1993

(4) Sinker – s/t 7″ (2000 black) 1993

(5) Exhale – “Itching, Burning, Irritation” 7″ (100 pink / 600 black) 1993

(6) Pot Valiant – s/t 7″ (1500 black) 1993

(7) Bureau of the Glorious / Pivot – split 7″ (1000 black) 1994

(8) Amber Inn – s/t 7″ (2000 black) 1995

(9) Popesmashers – “This is a Test” 7″ (1000 black) 1995

(9.5) Bureau of the Glorious – s/t CD (1000) 1995

(10) Land of the Wee Beasties – “Simple Pleasures in the…” 7″ (1000 black) 1996

(11) Sinker – “Finality” 7″ (1000 black) 1997

(12) Land of the Wee Beasties – “Wild Dogs Will Kill You” LP/CD (500 black / 1000 CD) 1997

(13) Exhale – “Ends in A” 12″ EP (100 light blue / 900 black) 1999

(14) Giving up the Ghost – s/t 7″ (1000 clear green) 1999

(15) Exhale – “Sacramento Slump” CD (1000) 2004


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I’ve been going through some old boxes of stuff as we clear out a bedroom to move baby #1 in, and soon to be babies #2 and #3 into baby #1’s vacated room.

Turns out I kept a couple boxes of letters sent to my label from about 1994-1996. The label itself, Sunney Sindicut, existed from 1990-2004 (or thereabouts) but really the “heyday” was from 1992-1995. So these letters partially cover the heyday.

I thought it was interesting how different things were back then running an independent label. People almost always wrote something with their order, and I always included a letter with the record.

There is also some other interesting label related stuff that will go up here and there. I look at this more of a documentation of a period of time more than anything else. Hope you stop by here and there.