Lumberjack invoice

At some point, some larger distributors started popping up here and there that had an interest in the stuff I was releasing. I was weary because most all of them took things on consignment, and did not have the best track record in terms of payment. Not sure how I ended up using Lumberjack, although I feel like I probably knew Eric before he started the distro. They were always great with paying me.

At some point, Eric sold Lumberjack to the Doghouse dudes who subsequently ran it to the ground leaving tons of labels owed lots of money. I took a bunch of records for my own collection as payment and didn’t have any stock there when they went under. Eric went on to start Furnace Manufacturing, a middleman for CD production.

Even more interesting than record of a payment from Lumberjaclk is how low my distro rates were. Dirt cheap.


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